Avaya is developing intelligent communication solutions and is considered as a leading provider of IP telephony, contact centers and solutions in the field of unified communications. Avaya successfully integrates communication processes into business processes enabling greater employee productivity, greater efficiency of the company and greater customer satisfaction, and thereby allows the company to global connectivity.
The U.S. company Cisco Systems is the worldwide leader in networking equipment and a leader in innovative technologies. Modern Cisco network solutions based on Internet protocols which are the basis of both large and kompleksnoih solutions that meet the corporate network, the network of public institutions as well as in telecommunications networks. Cisco network solutions today is more often found in applications in small and medium-sized enterprises.
EMC is the world leader in the development of technologies and solutions related to the infrastructure needed to store all kinds of information, which currently offers the most complete product portfolio. These solutions provide organizations of all sizes the ability to compete with competitors using the full value of the information they possess.
IBM is a global leader in innovation related to the IT industry and a reference standard in many industries, especially in areas related to banking, public administration, public companies, and so on. The product range is such that it allows the user to purchase solutions on a "one stop shop". Through its distribution and service network provides technical support to customers, production and preparation of project documentation and many other benefits.